It’s safe to assume that most business owners and facilities managers understand the importance of keeping their pavement safe, level and free of potentially dangerous defects.  Scheduling an inspection, however, never seems to come at a convenient time for those who operate during the regular work week.  Right now, as most of the state remains shut down for business, this can serve as a good time to have your parking lot, commercial driveways and other paved surfaces inspected.

Exterior of commercial building

As one of the leading providers of commercial pavement services in Rochester, Shamrock Paving is committed to helping our fellow business owners keep their paved surfaces safe and presentable all year long.  Here are just a few reasons to call Shamrock, and why so many businesses throughout Western NY trust our expertise.

  • We utilize the most innovative equipment, technology and paving practices 
  • Over 30 years of trusted experience and expertise here in the Rochester area
  • Annual pavement inspections are especially important after the winter months
  • Inspections can detect minor problems early to prevent more costly repairs
  • Our rates are consistently among the most competitive in the WNY region
  • All work is backed in writing and completed in a timely and efficient manner

For additional information on the benefits of scheduling an expert inspection of your company’s pavement or parking area, get in touch with the Shamrock Paving team and we will do everything we can to help.  We can be reached by phone at 585-417-5722 or via email through our website’s secure contact page.