When you take a moment to consider the unceasing volume of responsibilities associated with operating a business or managing a commercial property, it comes as no surprise that many business owners and facility managers take their asphalt’s integrity, appearance and safety for granted. And while it’s understandably excusable, ignoring it for too long could end up having very costly consequences. Old, cracked, buckling parking lots and driveways are more than just unsightly… they can damage vehicles, deter customers and increase the likelihood of slip and fall accidents.

UPS Center parking lot paving

Regardless of your industry, history or sale volume, the importance of staying proactive when it comes to your asphalt parking lot and walkways can’t be overstated. Here are some warning signs to consider when contemplating whether or not to repair or replace the asphalt at your business or commercial establishment.

  • Over 20-30% of your property’s parking lot is showing visible signs of damage
  • Your asphalts surface or foundation is significantly uneven or noticeably sinking
  • Asphalt surfaces have a typical lifespan of 20 to 30 years, when was yours installed?
  • Cracks over ¼” wide and 1 to 3” deep are signs that your asphalt needs replacement
  • Customers are complaining about your asphalt’s condition, even jokingly or politely
  • You’ve been warned, officially, to make necessary repairs or replace your asphalt

As one of New York’s most well-established and trusted commercial asphalt companies, we at Shamrock can say with all seriousness that it’s not worth taking chances when it comes to old, cracked or buckling asphalt surfaces. It’s ugly, people trip, tires slice, and the undercarriages of lower profile vehicles get chewed up. At the end of the day, ignoring the problem always costs most than dealing with unexpected variables.

Shamrock Paving is trusted is throughout WNY and will give you an honest assessment of your asphalt’s integrity at no cost to you. Get in touch with our staff by calling 585-417-5722 or write to us via email by filling out the short contact form on our website.